Living your most ‘FIT’ life isn’t a concept reserved for professional athletes or personal trainers. At MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre, we believe wellness is for everyone-moms, grandparents, children, friends, family and co-workers.

Change-especially within yourself-is often difficult. Our team at MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre has charted the path to a healthy lifestyle into simple, daily steps in a 12 weeks fitness programme for you. With our wellness programme, you will proactively reach your goals with our professional guidance and care.   

Kickstart your exercise routine with this 12-week fitness programme to boost total body strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscular definition, weight loss, overall health and energy level.

We do have other advanced fitness programmes for your special need.

MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre also has customised fitness programmes for patients with medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, heart condition, cancer survivor and others.

Persistent neck and back pain can dramatically affect your enjoyment of life. Now, MyPhysio FiCoMoSpecialist Centre can help individuals with different levels of spinal dysfunctions and problems. Spine Conditioning Programme is available in MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre.

This programme is designed by MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre physiotherapist, personal trainer and Pilates instructor. This programme also can enhance your performance in your sports, games or other physical activities.